The Mulberry Bush


The Mulberry Bush

The Mulberry Bush Organisation is a long-term supporter of Psychodynamic Thinking

We offer many Outreach Courses and CPD opportunities.  Do take a look . . . 

The Mulberry Bush Organisation is a therapeutic community which specialises in residential therapeutic care, treatment and education for primary aged children made vulnerable by their severe Social Emotional and Mental Health Difficulties. The organisation is a registered charity.

The Mulberry Bush School is a non-maintained residential special school and children’s home. It is a national resource, based in rural Oxfordshire looking after vulnerable children aged 5-13 from all over the UK and actively working with their families. The School comprises five residential homes, an on-site school, a clinical therapies and networks team and a training team, all based on one outstanding spacious and well-resourced site.

Alongside this residential setting The Mulberry Bush has expanded in order to reach it's charitable objective:
'To transform the lives of all those affected by childhood trauma, through specialist therapeutic services.'

This expansion brought about the Learning and Research Centre, which includes our Outreach team, Research department and The International Centre for Therapeutic Care. Through research and professional support, our aim is to offer the highest quality support based on our own core principles:

1. Staff need a good psychodynamic understanding to help understand behaviour as communication
2. The development of a reflective culture at all levels and in all disciplines is paramount
3. Collaborative working is central to a high quality treatment environment

More recently the organisation expanded this reach further by opening The Mulberry Bush Third Space (MB3), located in Gloucestershire. This unique site offers three different and interesting spaces for therapeutic driven organisations, as well as Therapeutic Communities to utilise. They provide:

- A place to meet and work together.
- A place to reflect and learn.
- A place for fun and entertainment.

MB3 houses the Planned Environment Therapy Archives and Special Collections, and the National Childcare Library. This is a live resource for research and learning available to all academics and practitioners to use. 

To find out more about all areas of the organisation please take a look at our website: 


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