Code of Conduct

Guidelines for the correct usage of this Site .


Welcome to the APPCIOS Community site.

On this site you will be invited to post items of interest in appropriate places.

In addition, in some of the private rooms you will be able to chat with other members directly, without supervision or moderation.

Please remember that anything you say whether on the open site or in private rooms is liable to become public knowledge just as if you had said it in person, face to face or in a committee or seminar.

Therefore, please keep to the following guidelines:

  1. Be fair and truthful
  2. Maintain confidentiality and do not identify clients or patients
  3. Do not make critical comments about colleagues and be civil and polite at all times.
  4. Do not repeat or publish personal and confidential information about people obtained during any private chat or exchange on this site
  5. Do not disclose the source of primary information without source’s consent
    1. Avoid plagiarisation and specify your source of information – credit to offline sources and link to online sources
    2. Specify clearly the use of any unconfirmed fact or information
    3. Avoid conflict of interest – clearly disclose your position including job, financial interest, affiliation and relationship if they related to the post and disclose any personal benefits from your post.
  6. Avoid advertising and if doing so clearly differentiate between advertisements and comment
  7. Admit and correct any mistake as soon as possible
  8. Be sensitive writing about individuals or groups or using photos
  9. If you want a photo to illustrate you post, please don't use a photo off the web that may be copywrited.  Free use images can be found on many sites including “creative commons” 
  1. Do not post pornography, hate speech or crude content, spread malware and viruses or engage in criminal activities

Should you be concerned about any comments made on the site you may complain to the Complaints officer whose contact details can be found on the Privacy Statement 

APPCIOS reserves the right to remove comments and to suspend or remove a member's ability to contribute to the site.

This code is subject to the full legal TERMS and CONDITIONS of the site. 

Thank you for your understanding.