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APPCIOS has created this site to promote learning, sharing and collaboration amongst all psychodynamic thinkers. 

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It is open to anyone interested in understanding how human beings relate to one another - as individuals and in groups and organisations. You don't need to be a member of APPCIOS to join our Psychodynamic Thinking Community. 

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Observing Organisations

10-week webinar led by Andrew Briggs

Starts February 2023


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Work Discussion Group 2023

A webinar series led by Tessa Weir-Jeffrey

Tuesday evenings 5.30-6.45pm


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Level 3 Certificate in Therapeutic Child Care with Children and Young People

Level 3 Certificate in Group Work for Children and Young People

Do you run groups with Children and Young People? 


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Seeing and Being Seen: Narcissistic Pride and Narcissistic Humiliation (paper) 

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Porn and Sex Addiction videos by Paula Hall (TedX Talk)

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Video 1: Civilisation and the Discontented
Video 2: Avenali Lecture

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