Support for members of this Site . . .

None of us have much experience of managing viral pandemics, but between us we know a great deal about how to contain and process the impact of anxiety.
We are planning to use this Site to support one another throughout this crisis.  

  • We are setting up regular Zoom groups to help us manage our anxieties together.  See here.   

  • There’s an ongoing public conversation on Coronavirus on our Community Bulletin Board:  you can find that here.   Please join in.

  • We're collecting papers and articles that address the Pandemic and its consequences.  You can find them here

  • We’ve built another space for more private discussions on the APPCIOS members page: if you’re an APPCIOS member, just press this link, and feel free to write whatever is on your mind.

  • If you don’t feel confident yet about using the Community Site, we hold regular tours to help you find your way around.   Email us at if you’d like to be included, and look out for notices on the Site giving dates and times.

  • And if you want to make suggestions, offer your support or ask us a question please let us know.  You can reach us at,


And PLEASE DON’T HESITATE TO CONTACT US if you have any suggestions, or queries, or would like to offer your help in convening online groups.