APPCIOS webinars

If you’re looking to learn more about psychodynamic thinking . . . . .

. . . how about signing up for an APPCIOS webinar? 

Senior members of the APPCIOS community provide webinars and supervision in response to the interests and needs expressed by our members. 

They do this in several ways.

  • Sometimes senior members will offer a webinar series around their own specialist areas.
  • Sometimes they’ll facilitate Special Interest Groups.
  • Sometimes someone will start a series with only one or two members, and grow it into a larger group.   
  • Sometimes someone will advertise a group, and wait till there’s enough interest to get it started. 
  • Sometimes several members contact us at once, all wanting to learn about the same topic:  in that case we’ll approach one of our senior members with an interest in that area and ask them to respond.
  • Webinar leaders keep in close touch with our Curriculum Committee, and any webinar we advertise has always been approved as an APPCIOS CPD component.  

We are always keen to hear from you about your ideas and training needs, so that our Curriculum Committee can offer you the right support.  

And if you would like to offer a webinar or a special interest group, or join one, do talk to your mentor or counter-signatory.  

You can also contact Michelle at, who keeps a waiting list and a suggestion book for anyone with interests and ideas.

Here are the webinars we have running at the moment:

  • Infant Observation
  • Therapeutic Supervision
  • Work Discussion
  • Introduction to Psychoanalytic Theory 

If you're not an APPCIOS member you’ll have to join our community first - but that’s easy!  Go here to find out how.