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An APPCIOS webinar facilitated by Susan Maciver

The idea behind the group is to offer a regular space in which participants can think not only about the clients with whom they work but also the teams and organisations in which they find themselves. The idea is not to offer solutions, though they may emerge, but rather an opportunity to look at issues in depth and from a psychoanalytic point of view. Participants will be encouraged to share their emotional responses to each other’s material which is, I think, a route to understanding and articulating transference and countertransference.

Being interested in each other’s work and sharing reflections will develop their own capacity and confidence to offer informal and formal consultancy.

NB This is not intended to replace work-based supervision, nor is this ‘individual supervision’ in the presence of others.

The group will be confined to up to six members who will take it in turn to present ongoing concerns. Each session will be from 7.30 to 8.45 pm starting on Thursday 17th Sept. 2020 and there will be 10 meetings.

Cost: £120 to be paid in advance.


Susan Maciver


Group now starting on 1st Oct.