Self-Isolating Discussion Group

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Containing Groups


We are holding a series of private discussion groups about the impact of self-isolating, using secure video conferencing.  If you're self-isolating, you might like to join us.   

We believe that psychodynamic/psychoanalytic thinking offers a way of exploring more deeply the experience that we are having to endure, and may help us to manage our worries.  

Our current groups are now fully subscribed, but we are planning to set up another group. 

If you're interested in joining, just press here and send us a message.  Give us your name and email address, put Self-Isolating as the Subject and we'll let you know about further possibilities.

You'll find a discussion about the impact of coronavirus here, and you're welcome to add your own comments.  But remember that you'll have to log in to the Site first.  

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