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Dates for this term's meetings . . .

Wed 14 June, 7.30pm:   

Kathleen Kelly-Lainé, a French Hungarian psychoanalyst will discuss her wonderful book Peter Pan: the Lost Child, which interweaves her exile from Hungary with the story of Peter Pan’s psychic predicaments.  Newly published in English by Phoenix Books.  She would like group participants to read Chapter 3, which Annie will send you as a word doc if you would like to attend.

Other upcoming dates for your diary are: 

Nicola Abel Hirsch - 19 July, 8pm - Her new book Bion: An Introduction (

Then we have a break in August. Followed by:

Anna Motz - 13 Sep - her new book Love That Kills 

Susanna Abse - 11 Oct - her new book Tell me the Truth about Love 

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