Psychoanalytic Reading Group

This group is a continuation of a conversation started in 2004 between a collection of people, both lay and clinical, who possess a lively interest in psychoanalysis and an experienced practitioner. 



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Hosted by Annie Pesskin

The psychoanalytic practitioner brings to this welcoming and friendly group a paper they find helpful and, over a virtual glass of wine, a wide-ranging and informal discussion of the paper ensues.

 It is a chance to hear how the clinician ended up pursuing the path they did and to learn from their experience in thinking about dilemmas they face in the consulting room and beyond.

Past presenters have included Betty Joseph, Ron Britton, Stephen Grosz, Don Campbell, Carine Minne, Edna O’Shaughnessy, Mary Target, David Bell, Neville Symington, Susie Orbach and many more.

The presenters Annie is keen to invite over the next year are practitioners who have largely also recently published books. She is hopeful they will offer a chapter of their book to the attending group members and that the talk might encourage participants to purchase their book. Their books, where possible, will be available through a link via which funnels orders through local, independent bookshops rather than Amazon!

We want anyone who attends to feel as much as possible that they are in a safe and informal setting where they isn’t an assumption that they know everything and they don’t feel they can’t ask something in case they sound stupid! We do expect everyone who attends to have already read the chapter in advance as this is not a lecture from the practitioner per se, but instead a lively and informed conversation between Annie, the practitioner and the attendees.

We meet monthly on a Monday evening at 8.30pm for an hour and a half.

See here for the date of the next meeting.

If you're interested in attending, send an email here.