Pride or Prejudice? APP Primary Care Seminar

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14/09/2020by :
Tony Burch

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Speakers Diana Bass, Eileen Rose

Diana Bass, a psychoanalytic psychotherapist, after many of years of therapeutic work with medical students and doctors in mental health and reflective practice settings, presents doctoral research that adds to the debate about factors that impact on the mental health of all medical students and doctors. This research also considers systemic inequalities and pathways of privilege operating within medicine, reflecting its position as an institution embedded in and part of a wider society which is being required to confront issues of inequality and racism in British institutions. This is a situation that has recently been brought into sharp focus by events that have exposed systemic racism on a national, transnational and global scale. The speaker reflects on how an awareness of the dynamics of racism and how they work against equity and social justice, can change the dynamics of interaction both within and outside the consulting room.

Eileen Rose is a MBACP Accredited psychodynamic psychotherapist who has thirty years of experience working within a range of community settings, including a hospital and mental health services. Currently working within a university setting she has honed her specialism in highlighting the importance of race, culture and diversity within the context of the therapeutic relationship.

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