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Containing Groups

We are planning to develop a library of podcasts and videos to share amongst members and with the general public.  

As a profession we have always relied on live discussions and presentations - and even if we are happy to present papers in front of an audience, many of us are tentative about the idea of recording ourselves.  But in these difficult times it's increasingly important to find new ways of making our thinking accessible, and we can no longer afford the luxury of being diffident.   

We need to learn fast.

We would like to invite you to join a group to develop video and audio content for the APPCIOS website. Our hope is that by generating this content we will be able to make the thinking and psychological understanding that APPCIOS can offer more accessible.

The intention of this group is to think together about how we can go about this. It is a jumping off point and we would invite anyone who is interested to join us. We have initially planned to record interviews, discussions and presentations, but other ideas and knowledge are very welcome.

If you are unable to join the group but you have some thoughts on the matter, please feel free to write to us here. We would be pleased to receive them.

We plan to provide a forum for developing our skills and encouraging one another in building a collection of powerpoint presentations, videoed interviews, audio recordings and other materials.  

Please join us!  

We hold regular meetings on Tuesdays, usually at 4.30pm. 

Please send us an email here if you're interested in joining us.  

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