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We'll post occasional news here about the decisions we make on expanding and improving the Site. 


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We'll be soft launching the Site in September.  That means that members and friends of APPCIOS will be invited to join the Site, and begin to use it.  We know that many of you are technophobes, so we won't launch it to the general public until we're all a bit more confident about how to use it.   

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Jenny Sprince


If you look here you'll see how Heathcliffe originally designed our home page for this Site.   For the moment, we're sticking to the same design theme as our website - which Heathcliffe created for us - but this may change in the future.  This was to save us all time and energy:  our priority has been to make sure that the Site is functioning efficiently and that it's easy to use. 

Still, design matters too:  we're waiting to hear your views, and over the next months we may find time to make changes.