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September 2022

After many years of dedicated service to the development and running of APPCIOS, Susan Maciver and Tony Burch have decided to step down from their roles as heads of department for Admission & Membership, and for Finance and the upkeep of the Community Site. They have each given their time and expertise generously to APPCIOS over the years and have been key to its growth.

I know each of you will have had personal contact with them either in SIGs, webinars, the Psychosymposium, or in the Conference, and know how integral their commitment to APPCIOS has been. I am sure you will join us in thanking them for their dedication.

Happily, we will not be losing them completely as both Susan and Tony will remain very much involved in APPCIOS through mentoring, maintaining aspects of the community site;  through running the library, and through offering and contributing to SIGs and webinars.

To replace them, we are welcoming two new members to the Management Team:  Emma Higgs is the new lead for Admissions & Membership, and Devika Dhar will be working with us on setting up our new online therapeutic services.  



Susan Maciver


I think it would be good if Jeremy and Emma introduced themselves to the membership?

Thanks, Susan:  that's a good idea! 

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In reply to by Jenny Sprince

Sadly, Jeremy Gunson has had to withdraw, temporarily, from taking up this role on the Management Committee.  Meanwhile, we are covering this aspect of our work between us.

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We've added links to the names of our new Management Committee members, so that you can find out more about them in our User Pen Portraits section.   I hope this helps!

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Jenny Sprince


Our organisation is growing, and we have put careful thought into the structures that keep us and our members safe.  

We have posted an organisational map to help our members to understand something of how we work.  We know that this will evolve and change over time - but this is how it looks at the moment.