New functionality released - November 28th 2020

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Containing Groups

Release 1.2.0

Welcome to Release 1.2.0

In addition to routine maintenance to ensure security the following changes have been made

  • A Group Search facility has been introduced to replace the 'Groups to Join' menu option. This will make it easier to find content of interest. You can apply search terms classified as Group Type, topic and affiliate organisations or find by title or keyword
  • A username search is now available registered users can now search for others who may be of interest
  • There is a new type of content called 'Event' Events can be created in some groups other than blogs so site visitors can be kept aware of upcoming events. Events are visible to members of groups unless the groups is public in which case any visitor can see them.
  • A fix has been applied to make comments easier to find. If you click on the title in a comment speech bubble it goes to the document that is commented on. If you click on the Comment title then it goes to the comment within the document. This isn't perfect as it gets a bit confused of the same user has commented on a document twice in one day. Maybe a fix for next time!
  • Visitors to the site can now show their appreciation of APPCIOS to going to all this trouble by clicking on the 'Donate' button and entering big numbers

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