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We're posting some links and articles you might find helpful

We are publishing various articles about the pandemic and how to survive it.  

Here's a very helpful summary compiled by Alexander Duffield of the guidance from the main professional psychotherapy bodies, the Government and findings of ‘SAGE’ as of 6 July 2020

Here's an article (Esther Perel)  you might find helpful.

  • This article is for anyone interested in the breadth of what we are facing with COVID-19 and how that might make us feel.  The author suggests finding a calming structure to life among a range of useful, practical ideas.

And another link  (Susie Orbach). 

  • The author explores the effects of the loss of proximity to others, physicality and touch.  This is a wide-ranging article of interest to anyone as she also considers not just individual bodies, but also social and corporate ones too, and the body of the state.  The lasting consequences of COVID-19 are explored, supported by links to relevant sources.

And another:  Healing as a Subversive Act.  (Gabor Mate)

  • Of interest to those dealing with the young, but relevant to troubled adults too, this article considers the reasons for the ever-increasing psychological problems which beset society today.  

And another:   Therapy under Lockdown.  (Gary Greenberg)

  • An experienced psychotherapist explores how COVID-19 has changed his approach to treating his patients and the psychology he perceives between face-to-face meetings with them and those on-screen.  His focus on the immediacy of this external trauma, which frightens him too, would be helpful to readers from many parts of the work force

And something from Bob Hinshelwood's blog.

And article about Psychotherapy during Covid.  A useful summary of guidance from the main professional psychotherapy bodies, the Government and SAGE as at 6th July 2020.  Covers who is most at risk and why, the best practice when returning to face-to-face work and what action to take to minimise the spread of the virus in the general population.

An article about the Voices of Children in the Pandemic.  Art psychotherapist Joana Simoes suggests small art therapeutic groups in schools might help vulnerable children of all ages to come to terms with what they have experienced as a result of COVID-19.

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