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Here are an assortment of links to various papers available freely on the internet.

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H. Shmuel Erlich  Envy and Gratitude: Some Current Reflections:  file:///Users/jennysprince/Downloads/EnvyGratitude03_Erlich.pdf

Freud on Mourning and Melancholia: (Mourning and Melancholia

Gary Greenberg, American Psychologist/Therapist on Trumpism (Guardian article)

Melanie Klein:  Narrative of a Child Analysis: (Narrative of a Child)

Melanie Klein:  The Psycho-Analysis of  Children:   (The Psychoanalysis of Children)

Melanie Klein Trust:  website

Empathy, warmth and Genuineness in Psychotherapy - a review of reviews by
C.H. Patterson:  (Empathy Warmth and Genuineness)

The School of Life is an organisation built to help find calm, self-understanding, resilience and connection – especially during troubled times.  Their emphasis is on the need to understand ourselves better, so that we can secure serenity and make optimally reliable decisions, particularly around love and work.   The site has great articles, books and information for people interested in our experience of being a human in this world.

Robert T. Waska on Projective Identification: