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This is a place where authors can post papers and articles they are writing for discussion with colleagues, before publishing them to a wider readership.

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Jackie Horsburgh
Tony Burch
Mandy Little

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Your two experts in residence are:

Mandy Little 'I have management experience in both a large organisation and as the managing director of a London literary agency (Watson, Little Ltd).  I have been a literary agent for over 40 years, and have looked after the business affairs of many of the company`s clients (authors) as well as its staff.  Among the component parts of the job is editing drafts of text written by authors to be submitted to book publishers and that is what I can bring to potential writers for APPCIOS.   I now work part-time in the publishing industry, handling one major client and acting as a consultant to several agencies. Editing might include how to start and finish a paper or article, making sure that the language used is appropriate and checking any grammatical infelicities, but whatever you write is yours and I just want to make your words as clear and focused as possible so that your readers understand you.'

Jackie Horsburgh 'I am delighted to be part of the Library Help Desk team and look forward to the work this entails and, of course, getting to know APPCIOS members across the globe.  As a psychodynamic counsellor in private practice, I am based in Edinburgh and have experience working with both individuals and couples.  I also qualified as a DIT Practitioner (Dynamic Interpersonal Therapy) and use some of my learning from this method in my practice.  This way of working focuses on all our relationships and uses mentalisation to look at alternative ways of thinking & feeling.  My background, however, has also been in the finance industry where I managed a small team of sales co-ordinators located in both Glasgow and Edinburgh.  I, therefore, gained a great deal of insight into organisational dynamics and took private support from an organisational consultant at that time.  I have always enjoyed studying alongside my work and obtained a Honours Degree in Psychology which peaked my interest in counselling.   I qualified as a counsellor in 2010 taking up voluntary work in two agencies, later starting my private practice in 2014.  I have since trained in supervision and very much enjoy my work in this area.  I believe my experience is diverse and will hopefully contribute to the Library Help Desk as we continue to grow and assist members to get the best support from their membership.'

We welcome anyone who wants help with their writing, and also those who are prepared to offer comments, suggestions, encouragement to aspiring authors



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