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Join us and log in . . . .

To add your comments, or to join any of our private groups, you first need to create an account on our Community Site

It’s easy and doesn’t cost money - it just ensures confidentiality and gives you access to the private rooms where our live groups are held, and to the articles, papers and videos posted there. 

I’m attaching a picture to help you.   

(And you’ll find further instructions in the form of a video if you press on this link. )

join us and log in


You will need to press the ‘join us’ tab at the top of the page, and send a message, as directed, to, asking for an account.   The Site will send you a welcome message and a log-in link.  Our admin team sets up accounts manually, so it may take a little while, depending on our availability.  Be aware that the Site's message may go straight to your Junk folder, depending on the filters you have set on your inbox - so keep a look out.  

Once your account has been created and you have been sent a log in, you’ll need to create a password. 

When you next want to log in, press the log in button at the top righthand corner of the home page.   This will take you to a log in page which asks for your username. 

Your user name is the same as your email address. 

Now fill in your password.  If your password doesn't work, or if you have forgotten your password, scroll down to the bottom of the log-in page, and press the 'forgotten password' button.  You'll receive an automatic one-time log-in link, and you can reset your password. 

After that, you should be able to log in and ask to join private group rooms.   

If you're still having problems, contact us!

We look forward to seeing you!




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Elena Mardegan


Hi, I do have an account with psychodynamic thinking, However I have not been able to access the Psychodynamic thinking event today 17th May at 4:00 p.m. in spite of following the instructions.

Quite a cumbersome procedure with zero result!!!


Elena Mardegan

We’re so sorry you couldn’t access the event.  This was because of a technical failure with Zoom, not with this Site, and the event had to cancelled as a result. We well understand how frustrating it was for you:  we were frustrated too.