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Containing Groups

There are many reasons for joining us. . .

If you have a professional interest in working with people, we can help you to grow your understanding of the underlying dynamics that impact on all human relationships.

We offer support in thinking about individual, group and organisational dynamics, and creating and maintaining better relationships in difficult circumstances.

We offer different levels of membership, depending on your needs and experience.   


You can become a Community Member for free.   Just take out an account on this Site:  press this link and send us an email.

We’ll send you regular Newsletters, and you can join our free events and discussion groups.     

If you’d like to go further and deeper - read on!


We can help you to choose your membership level. 

We offer additional levels of membership for anyone working regularly with vulnerable client groups or wanting to deepen their understanding of personal and organisational dynamics within a work situation.

Your level of membership will depend on your level of experience.  Just contact our registrar, Tina, and she'll send you a brief application form,  asking you for a CV and the email addresses of two referees - people who know you and your work.  Then we'll offer you a free online meeting to think with you about what level best suits your needs.  Press this link to contact Tina and ask for an application form.

Associate Membership

We offer Associate Membership for any Community Member who wants to deepen their understanding through group and individual support from professional psychodynamic clinicians.

Associate Members get free mentoring and can join our live online webinars and reflective groups.

Senior Associate Membership

We offer Senior Associate Membership for experienced professionals who would like to work towards registration with the British Psychoanalytic Council (the BPC) as Psychodynamic Organisational Therapists.

Senior Associate Members get free mentoring, access to a programme of webinars and supervision, and support in compiling a portfolio through which their eligibility for qualification as a Full Member can be assessed.   

Full Membership

We offer Full Membership to psychodynamic professionals whose experience as organisational and individual clinicians meets BPC equivalence criteria.   

Full Members are automatically eligible for registration with the BPC as Psychodynamic Organisational Therapists, and may join us in providing psychodynamic support and training, and in offering therapeutic services online within our online community network.  

Annual membership at these levels costs £60 a year.

You can find out more about APPCIOS by following this link

And to find details of our BPC-accredited trainings, go here.

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