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GiO is a Belgian ngo that aims to develop a social and political awareness for the psychic needs of young children and their families in order to develop safe and warm attachment relationships. 

GiO offers clinical and professional training for Health Professionals, Psychologists and Psychotherapists.and other professionals working in the field of early development.

Our training courses are experienced-based and practice-oriented and include Infant Observation Training, reflective group dynamics, video-interaction assessment and  training in organisational dynamics.

We also offer individual and group supervision for psychotherapists of early years.

GiO offers currently a 4-year course in perinatal mental health for Health Professionals, supported by a EU grant Interreg2Seas PATH.  This course is accredited by APPCIOS.

Psychoanalytic and psychodynamic thinking is our background theoretical framework.

GiO offers infant-parentpsychotherapy and promotes research on training in early childhood development.

We have a longstanding clinical experience in early mental health development and psychoanalytic therapeutic work.

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APPCIOS is proud to accredit the four-year course in perinatal mental health run by GiO and supported by a EU grant.