Five Tavistock Pantomimes

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This collected edition is complete and unabridged, with the sole exception of cast lists. 

These have been omitted to save the blushes of senior clinicians whose juvenile antics might seem inappropriate to a younger generation.   

For the same reason, we are not publishing here the film and photographic records of these historic events.   

However, full cast lists and videos of live performances have been carefully and lovingly conserved on a private page.  Anyone wishing to view them may obtain special permission here

Requests should be submitted in rhyming couplets, and accompanied by a full personal statement, giving unimpeachable evidence of a total absence of any suspect psychopathology. 

All applications must include signed references from at least six members of the Institute of Psychoanalysis and three current members of the Tavistock Clinic in good standing, and with full psychoanalytic credentials.  










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Five Tavistock Pantomimes

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