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You don't have to join APPCIOS to become a regular visitor to our site, and take an active part in some of our private groups.  But if  you get really interested, we hope you'll consider it.

Here's a little about who we are and what we do.  You can find out more by going to our website:

APPCIOS aims to support psychoanalytic and psychodynamic thinking and practice in organisational settings. We believe that a healthy and benign environment is essential to promote insight, thoughtfulness and emotional well-being.  For psychoanalytic or psychodynamic work to be effective and to thrive it must attend both to the individual and the organisational context that supports them. 

We promote practice that attends to the emotional experience of both practitioners and clients, within any organisation where services are provided for vulnerable adults, children and families -  in education, health, social care and a variety of other contexts. 

Here's what we provide for our individual members:   

  • a supportive network of psychodynamic thinkers through our interactive Community Site,  Psychodynamic Thinking;
  • access to Special Interest groups available via the Community Site;
  • ongoing mentoring support;
  • access to continuing professional development;
  • access to developmental pathways that enable committed practitioners to become Full Members of APPCIOS;
  • as Senior Associate Members, eligibility to participate in events run by the British Psychoanalytic Council for their student members;
  • as Full Members, eligibility for membership of the British Psychoanalytic Council and for recognition by the Professional Standards Authority as Psychodynamic Organisational Therapists. 

Joining us is easy, and it only costs £55 a year.  Click on this link, and our Administrator, Tina, will explain how you can set about becoming a member.

Or you can just send us an email.  Write to

As well as accrediting individual members, we also approve and accredit webinars, courses and trainings.  If you want to find out more about that, contact us.  We'll be happy to explain how it works.  Just email us here.  

If you're already a practising clinician and a full member of the BPC, the ACP, or an equivalent organisation, please consider joining us:  we need your contributions to the Site, and we need the skills you can offer to our more junior members.   

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