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Welkom op onze eigen GiO-pagina voor de deelnemers aan de opleiding Praktijkspecialist Perinatale geestelijke gezondheid.

We kunnen dit platform gebruiken om materiaal ivm onze opleiding te publiceren.

Misschien ben je ook geïnteresseerd in discussiegroepen, andere partners van APPCIOS of publicaties, …Neem dan een kijkje op de home-page van deze website.

Our Belgian non profit organisation GiO aims at sensibilisation for and further development of perinatal mental health. We are running a 4 year training for health professionals working in the field of perinatal health. This is a practice- and experience based training whose goal it is to develop knowledge, skills and expertise in 2 key domains by:

1) acquiring a better understanding of the development of early infantile psychic life as it unfolds in the early relationship with the caretaker, as well as the impact of the emotional and social environment on the infantile development

2) acquiring an understanding of the  psychodynamics of organisations who work with baby’s and their families in order to facilitate integration of psychodynamic concepts in the organisation by developing and coordinating internal working groups on perinatal mental health issues, providing supervision, participating in research, participating in research in the field,…


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