Thoughts and tributes for Laurence

Laurence Spurling is retiring.


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Margery Craig


Retiring? I think I'd describe you as Quietly Important, as well as a generous and humane teacher;

I'm glad to have had the chance to be supervised by you.

all the best for the next chapter,

Margery Craig

Barbara Collins


It was such a pleasure  today to find Lawrence in my first breakout group ever.  It reminded me of the sense I had of coming to Birkbeck in the late 1990s and finding a thoughtful environment unlike I had ever experienced before.  I hope your retirement is full of delight.   Barbara Collins

Andrew Blackwood


I never had the opportunity to experience you as tutor but in your teaching (2014-2017) and mindful of the arc of your position and experience of running the course and care, your affect on my learning and others goes far and wide. Thank you Lawrence

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Nikky Sternhell


Laurence, I've known you for many years - first as my tutor and now, for a longer time, as a colleague on the BCA scrutiny committee. I often think gratefully about what my Birkbeck training has given me - both in general and in your own particular contribution to my learning and development. Thank you, and I look forward to continuing to work with you.