We're still developing this site, and we've got many ideas for how to make it more exciting. But we need to know what you think.  So please tell us - and give us your suggestions for how to improve it.   



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Containing Groups

Please tell us what you think.


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If you haven't already, you'll need to register as a regular visitor to join in the discussion.  It's easy to do.  Just press the 'join us' tab and give us your email address.  We won't use it for anything - it's just to keep us safe from trolls and robots.  Once we've sent you a password you can log in and add your comments. (You may have to wait an hour or two for this:  please be patient with us).  

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Fiona Henderson


I had a query about the thinking behind the subtitle Psychodynamic Thinking

Our editorial/publishing board decided on the name 'Psychodynamic Thinking' for our Community Site.  That's because although the Site is hosted by APPCIOS, it is not intended solely for APPCIOS members.  We hope that many other organisations committed to psychoanalytic thinking will want to make use of it.  

Our Board decided on 'Psychodynamic Thinking' rather than 'Psychoanalytic Thinking' after many long discussions.  Our main concern is to make the Site accessible.  'Psychodynamic' was originally used as a term to describe the broader application of psychoanalytic thinking, and that's the sense in which we are using it.   We want to welcome every application of psychoanalytic practice, and we don't want to discourage any good thinkers who might feel intimidated by a word that they fear implies a level of expertise they have not yet acquired.   We think that psychoanalytic thinking can and should be equally rigorous in all its applications, and we want to promote the learning that makes that achievable.  

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What do you think about the various possible colourways?  (Take a look at the notice here)

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There seems to be no limit on the number of featured items that can be displayed.  In other rooms, I think there's a limit to the number, and then another category, 'content', which can go onto a separate page.  

There is no limit. All items flagged as featured will be listed as such on the group page and will be visible. Any that are set up as non featured or changed to be that will appear in the other content section. It would be good practice for the group administrators and contributors to review the 'featured items' list and change the status once they have aged and no longer need to be featured

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Just post your comment here...

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Georgina Hardie


1.  Pages tend to be very long and require a lot of scrolling to find anything.

2.  If you want to join a group you have to click through several pages, remembering the name of the group, until you get to the email.  You also have to remember instructions from one page to another.

eg Psychosymposium Group:  If you go to the Overview Page and decide you want to join you have to click on the link which takes you to the organiser's profile, and then remember you have to email the organiser to ask to join a group whose name you can no longer see.  Text said Click Button Below to ask to join (sounds as if that will allow you to join). "Request to Join" might make it clear that someone has to agree to you joining.

3.  It seems that for a group member to join a Zoom meeting they have to log on to the website, go to My Groups, scroll down a long way to find the name of the group, go to the Group Page and find the Zoom button.  As Administrator I would have to send an ordinary email to everyone to explain all this.  Some members of my new group are very unconfident about all this, but were able to accept a straightforward Zoom invitation.


It's really helpful to get this feedback - thank you, it's much appreciated.  We may not be able to do as much about this as we'd like - it all takes time and money - but we can look at better ways of explaining how to navigate.  We'll all do some serious thinking about these problems.  

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In reply to by Jenny Sprince

We've now created a public space on the Site where people can sign up for special interest groups and public events. 

We're not sure whether or not this is an improvement.  Take a look and see what you think - and come back to us with your feedback. 


It's really helpful to get this and good of you to take the time. A few thoughts in response:

1. It's difficult to get the balance right  as it's a  site that depends on lots of good content to succeed. We've tried to limit blocks of any different types of content on a page to 4 items with more links if there's more. I'm sure this will evolve as we learn more about how the site is used so please keep feeding back any ideas. It's something we'll keep discussing. For example we could just display featured items and hide all others behind links to content by type. we also use a lot of 'teasers' that are the  bits with pictures/text and a 'more' button. These are visually more appealing than boring old tables but they do take up more space. Perhaps the balance my shift.

Last Sunday I released improved search functionality that allows users more easily to follow the content that they're interested in i.e. where they have bookmarked groups and content and followed users. I'd encourage you to try using the 'Recent Content Updates' button on the home page that allows you to exploit this. I think there maybe a video available soon that showcases it.

2. We'll probably change this soon so that click on the 'Join' link will go direct to creating an email with a pre-completed subject line. I'd hoped to do this earlier but had some technical difficulties with it that I may be better placed now to overcome so watch this space

3. I believe Jenny has addressed this by creating a 'Bookings' public space so I hope that helps.

Bob Hinshelwood


This is a very active community.  And it seems to me we could have lots of feedback to weld the community together. 

So could we have a quicker access to the discussions that we can all have about the site and everything on it.

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Jenny Sprince


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Perhaps we could add a button link to our Feedback page?