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Containing Groups

A response to Mark's blog . . .










. . . .which you can see here.

Bruno the dog has made an even greater contribution to this Site than is apparent from Mark's account.

When we first looked at the necessity for building a website, and an accompanying Community Site, we were lucky enough to be offered charitable donations which, although generous, were far below what we needed.  Every website design company that we consulted quoted at least twice the amount we could afford. 

I was on the point of giving up when Bruno took charge.  He led me along a different route from our usual walk,  trotted purposefully towards a young Yorkie, and started an intense conversation with him.   I know most of the local dogs, but this dog was a stranger to me.   I exchanged a few words with the man at the other end of the lead, and was ready to walk on.    But our dogs made it clear that they were staying put for a while.  So we went on talking, too.    The man at the end of the lead introduced himself;  he told me that his name was Heathcliffe Bird, and mentioned casually that he was a website designer, and currently out of work.  Hesitantly,  I  told him about our predicament.  He immediately offered to help out, at a greatly reduced rate.  He talked the project through with our Management Committee, and worked with us on choosing fonts and colours - and in the process gave us a foundation course on website design concepts.  You can see the result here.

I hope you'll agree that Bruno had chosen exactly the right man for the job.

But someone with Heathcliffe's talent was unlikely to stay unemployed for long, and just as he embarked on the next stage of the project - the Community Site - he was offered a full-time job.  

It was at this point that Bruno took me for another walk . . .  

But Heathcliffe continues to provide advice and encouragement from the sidelines.  And none of this would have happened without him (or without Bruno).