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Containing Groups

There are difficult times ahead . . .

We host a series of special interest groups and discussion forums to support one another during these troubling times. 

We are running groups on:

  • The impact of self-isolating;
  • Working on Zoom;
  • Creating videos and podcasts;
  • An open discussion group:  Psychodynamic Symposium;
  • A monthly film discussion group;
  • A group exploring the dynamics of race.

Our weekly Psychodynamic Symposium is open to anyone who wants to attend. 

Go here to find out more -  and to join one of our groups.  

If you are interested in offering to facilitate a group, or have ideas or suggestions, do contact us at

This Site was built to maximise flexibility and confidentiality:  we know it can be hard to navigate it.  If you're having difficulty, take a look at our Site Guide, or our Instruction Page.  Or you can sign up here for one of our live tours.


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