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David Oyelowo describes his experiences of racism as a black actor.

  • Actor David Oyelowo considers his father`s past, his own life and the future his children might have as black people.  He considers himself to be an optimist but believes things are essentially the same as they have been for years and we should all build on the current momentum to change them. 

An article by Gary Younge, first published fifteen years ago.

An article from the Washington Post.

A link to an article about Jane Fonda's response to the protests in America. 

  • Activist and actor Jane Fonda believes that the current racial unrest may be a turning point for greater understanding of the lives of black people, that there is hope for real change.

video to watch.  

  • On America`s The Daily Show Trevor Noah discusses how COVID-19 has exposed how bad the lives of black people really are, everyday.  He includes constructive comments on the principles of how society should work for everyone.

An open letter from a restaurant review site. 

  • CEO of international restaurant review site states unequivocally their stand against racism, systematic injustice, police brutality and white supremacy, at the same time acknowledging their own shortfalls and outlining plans to rectify them. 

Muhammed Ali on Institutionalised Racism (Michael Parkinson 1971)

  • Incisive and amusing excerpt from an interview with Muhammed Ali by television chat show host Michael Parkinson on his perception of the status of the black man at the time of the Nixon presidency.  

A recent news item from the Guardian.  

  • Black nurse Naomi Bennett`s story of her conviction for obstructing the police for refusing to get out of her car when asked to do so.  Watch the video for the police officer's Freudian slip.  


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