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Organisational map May 2023


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Jenny Sprince

Our Officers

Although our administrators and some officers receive a small remuneration for their time, most of our officers and all our trustees work on a voluntary basis.


Trustees:  Bob Hinshelwood (Chair);  Roger Banks, Tony Harms (Secretary) Janet Strivens;  Judith Trowell;  Stephen Vaudrey.

Professional Standards Committee:   Janet Strivens (Chair);  Harriet Calvert;   Phil Faulkner;  James Mosse;  Jenny Sprince.

Ethics Committee:   Harriet Calvert (Chair);  Tony Harms;  Jenny Sprince;  Judith Trowell. 

CEO:  Jenny Sprince

Co-Ordinators (Community Support Infrastructure):  Jenny Sprince/Emma Higgs

Infrastructure:  Heads of Department

Membership Support:  Emma Higgs

Website and Public Engagement:  Devika Dhar

Developments, Affiliates and Partners:  Phil Faulkner

Regulatory Structure:  Chairs of Panels and Steering Committees

Convenor of Assessors Panel:  Andrew Briggs

Convenor of Quality Assurance:  Anne-Marie Wright. 

Steering Committee POT:  Trudy Darien;  Emma Higgs;  Harry Howell;  Gail Phillips;  Jenny Sprince;  Andrea White.

Steering Committee PPT:    Judith Trowell (Chair);  Liz Omand;  Jenny Sprince.

Steering Committee Online Therapeutic Services:  Devika Dhar;  Roger Banks;  Ariel Nathanson; Mark Waddington.

Administrative Team

Registrar:  Tina Bool

Finances:  Michelle Safo.


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Jenny Sprince


We are very pleased to welcome Roger Banks to our Board of Trustees.   

Roger is a previous Vice-President of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, an Honorary Fellow of the Royal College of General Practitioners, Fellow of the Institute of Psychotherapy and Disability. He is Vice President of the Association for Research and Training on Integration in Europe (ARFIE) and a past President of the European Association for Mental Health in Intellectual Disability.


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Jenny Sprince


Mark Waddington has now joined the Management Committee, and will be supporting Devika Dhar in setting up our Therapeutic Services.  

Mark is the Director of Placement Support, one of our affiliate organisations.

You can find out more about Mark here